A Century of Music

National Federation of Music Clubs is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the training and development of young musicians and the promotion of creative and performing arts in America.  Since its founding in 1898, the NFMC has grown into one of the world's largest music organizations, being chartered by the Congress of the United States, and is the only music organization member of the United Nations.

The Florida Federation of Music Clubs, Inc. was founded in 1917 and became officially affiliated with the NFMC in 1960, and the St. Johns District in 1962.  Through education and sponsorship of musical events, Federation members work together in their communities to create a dynamic musical and cultural environment.  

Greater Jacksonville's senior club, comprised primarily of piano, string, and vocal instructors, but open to all music lovers, professional and amateur musicians, vocalists, composers, dancers, performing artists, arts and music educators and college music majors, is called Harmony Music Club and has over 60 members.  Each teacher, through his/her studio, sponsors a junior club whose combined memberships now total more than 850 students.  Though some junior clubs have younger members, most are between 8 and 18 years old.

In February each year, St. John's District conducts an exciting music festival for its junior musicians comprised of 16 different event categories.  Held over a two-day period, St. John's District has grown to be one of Florida's largest Federation Festivals attracting over 850 participants.  Students perform their music for carefully selected "child-friendly" judges from around the state who provide a written assessment of each child's musical performance.  Those participants who receive superior ratings become eligible to compete at the annual state junior convention held in May.

St. John's District also sponsors The Greater Jacksonville Federation Piano Competition in April, offering as many as 6 competitive categories at 20 levels of difficulty.  Begun in 2000, this premier event gives opportunity for young pianists to showcase their musical talent while competing with their peers for trophies and awards.  Contestants also receive a written evaluation of their performance from a panel of professional musicians.

Beyond local opportunities for musical advancement, students may also compete on the state and national levels for scholarships and awards in the areas of musical composition, musical performance, dance performance, and written essays about music.